Somebody wrote long ago that if you don't like what is printed in the newspapers, go buy your own printing press.

This is my printing press. A little overpriced, but comfortable for the moment.


I was playing with a stick the other day - trying to balance it on my finger.

It occurred that this problem is not a bad analogy to the financial system. The financial system is far more complex than a wooden stick, but the essential aspects are worth talking about.

Stability, control (tweeks by the Federal Reserve Bank), visibility, quick action needed, crash, recovery, these are all analogous.

Crash - You can think about this as the stick being balanced on your finger, but then you don't move your finger, or you move it in the wrong direction, or move it too late. The result in all cases is that the stick falls over.

Economically speaking, it is relatively easy to wind up in recession.

More on this - with 3 little animations - is available at: StickStory

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